Thursday, July 26, 2007

At Last-Hummingbirds!

I surely do wish that I had a reason for not posting, but, what can I say??

We have been having a wonderful time. We love it here at Manzano Mountains State Park and have made a slew of new friends. It seems that one day just flows into another and I find it's been weeks since I posted!

One of the things that occupies my days is our hummingbirds. It's no exaggeration to say the we have more than two dozen hummers visiting us on a daily basis. I wake in the morning and watch them from my bedroom window and the time just gets away from me.

Every day I go outside, intending to read but find I am mesmerized by our birds. They seem to accept us totally. We stand within inches of the feeders and they just buzz around, creating a variety of breezes that literally seem to kiss your face.

Can you tell I'm enchanted?

As always, you can click on the shots for a larger version.

These shots are random shots and pretty much speak for themselves. In this one, I loved the movement.

This little fellow on the left is a Rufous Hummingbird. They are here in New Mexico on their way south.

A shot of three hummingbirds sharing a snack.

Here's a close up of the Rufous. In the direct sun, their breast is a vibrant burnt orange.

This is a Calliope Hummingbird. The stripes at his neck are puffed up and ruffled when he is trying to attract a mate.

A female Rufous.

I loved this shot. It's so rare you see one just sitting still!

Another shot of them sharing a snack.

Another close up of a Calliope.

More movement.

While this Rufous is pretty blurry, I enjoy the illusion of movement.

This shot intrigues me. While the bird is quite dark, I love the transparency of the tail against the feeder.

So now do you sort of understand why I've been so lax in posting?

I guess when my life is so good, I just get lazy!


photowannabe said...

Kate, absolutely spectacular. Ican see why time gets away. The hummers fascinate me too. I'm glad life is so good.
Drop a note sometime.

Anonymous said...

Kate, what a great bunch of pictures! Glad to see you finally got some you liked enough to post.Love ya Mi