Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the Brazos Cliffs

Today we went to take a look at the Brazos Cliffs. They are a stunning sight, visible from miles around. When we first saw them they reminded us of Half Dome in Yosemite.

They're truly breathtaking.

We asked around and discovered that these beauties are on private land. We were told, however that we could get fairly close to the base of the cliffs, so off we went.

The sky has been a bit hazy lately so I couldn't get a picture that really captured their majesty, but trust me, they are something to see.

This shot is just a bit closer but nowhere near as wide.

When we got as close as possible, we realized we were well into the trees, so there just wasn't any chance to take photos. In order to get closer, we would have had to trespass, so we made do with what we got.

We did get to see this deer.

Then we stopped at the Brazos Lodge. While it said it was open, we couldn't find anyone around. I liked this little coin operated deer, particularly his saddle.

Real leather, and intricately tooled.
I was mightily impressed!

Then I talked to my new friend Tori, who informed me that it is a child's saddle and she has one just like it! I'm so not a country girl, but I'm trying to learn!

When we got back to the rig,
the next two shots greeted our tired eyes.

They seem to like Cholula Red
as much as we do,

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Suzanne LD Wannabe said...

What spectacular, to actually "own" them. They do have that same presence of Half Dome. I was going to tell you earlier that Cholula Red just looks like she's grazing in the pasture. I always wanted to have a horse outside my window.