Thursday, August 13, 2009

Again, the Ranch

We have so enjoyed our time here on the ranch. These folks have been just wonderful and we really appreciate the opportunity to share their lives for a while.

To do a small bit to thank them, we're working on a small photo book for them. Today I wanted to share just a few of the photos we will be including.

There are many buildings here on the ranch and I find myself fascinated by many of the wooden ones.

The harsh New Mexico
sun and wind
is pretty brutal on wood and paint,
but the textures they create
are beautiful.

I also like the shapes
created by the
various pieces of machinery.

Then there's the tack room.

And the old log buildings.

Here's one of the hay barns.
Antlers are all over New Mexico.

Another hay barn.

Aren't these shapes wonderful?

I was watching Tori
(she's my new friend)
as she walked down by the creek.
I liked this shot
with her reflection in the water.

And I keep taking pictures
of the water flowers.

Since we're drycamping
(no electric or water hookups)
we're relying on our solar
and the 55 gallons of water in our tanks.
Today we had to go dump
and get more water.

I took this shot
as we were coming back
to our idyllic spot.

It is really wonderful here, and as always,


Suzanne LD Wannabe said...

What a great place...especially the barns and equipment. Your photos are lovely and what a nice gift to make a photobook for your hosts.

Always wanted to live on a ranch (Animal Husbandry major) but it was never to be. You have the best of both worlds.

photowannabe said...

Your hosts will be so pleased with the photo book. Terrific pictures. Love the black and whites with all the architectual angles. Those flowers in the water are neat too.