Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Day at the Ranch

We've been very lazy lately, lolling around, taking pictures, enjoying the good life.

Tonight, I thought I'd share a few of our pictures of the ranch and the surrounding areas.

This is taken about twenty feet
from where we're parked.
We're both
continually amused
to look out our windows
and see horses.

Left to their own devices,
they'll eat all day long.

These tiny white flowers
grow in the creek.
I've never seen them before,
but aren't they beautiful?

I particularly enjoyed the contrast
of this yellow flower
against the green leaves
and the bare vines.

We had a great time on a little field trip.
We saw grouse in the fields.

And grouse in the trees.
(This one looks great when enlarged).

We also saw gigantic stands of aspen.

Further along was this stand.
I thought it looked better in sepia

We were out
till the sun started to set.

Once again,
that intense New Mexico light.

This hawk had the perfect perch.

And finally the sun set

on another perfect day


Sistertex said...

Hi Kate,
Those flowers are 'Common Water Crowfoot', also called by some 'White Water Butter-cup'. Very pretty and delicate.

Looks like you had a wonderful day, lovely photos!

photowannabe said...

A big fat AHHHHH
What a wonderful life!!!

K.C. Johnson said...

How about your weaving project? We would love to see the final results.
Anne and K.C. Johnson