Friday, August 14, 2009

More of the Ranch

We woke up this morning to a pretty healthy rain. Sitting inside, looking out at the horses, I decided to try a few shots through the screens.

Kind of interesting.
I wont be doing it often,
but I don't hate it . . .

When the sky started to clear,
I caught the horses
on the other side of the rig.
I'm playing with
the saturation in Photoshop here.

Then I went back to work
on some of the photos of the ranch.
Years of initials and carvings.

Great buildings.

Again, in the tack room.
I had no idea horses required
so much gear!

These are two of the ranches brands.

I love this old tractor.

Here's a shot from
another angle.

And once again,
I'm intrigued with
the shapes contained
in old machinery.

And like so many ranches
we see here in New Mexico
there's a collection of old vehicles.

Here's another shot of the water.
I can't seem to stop shooting
this creek.
I think it's really beautiful.

I also can't seem
to stop shooting hummingbirds.

And one more silhouette
of the rig at sunset.

As always

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photowannabe said...

Fun pictures of a great place. Don't ever stop and don't get tired of shooting the wonderful pictures.