Friday, August 7, 2009

Weaving, Day 5 and More of the Ranch

Our weaving class is over!

While everyone else made rugs, Terry and I made blankets, which require a much finer wool than a rug. So, of course, we were the last ones finished. Just so you know, when you weave a blanket, there are approximately fifty passes of the shuttle to the inch. That's a LOT of back and forth with the shuttle

Here is Carol's finished rug.
Isn't it beautiful?
She has woven before

This is Margaret, Jack
and Sophia (our instructor)
This is their very first effort,
and a fine one it is!This is Lisa's finished rug,
the most intricate of the lot.
She spins and dyes AND weaves

This is Terry's blanket.
Isn't it beautiful?
It's completely finished,
thrown across one of our beds
Last but not least, here's my rug.

It's not completely finished yet.

Due to the last minute discovery of some bright turquoise yarn it magically grew from five feet long to six feet two.

If I could bottle this magic formula, I'd make a fortune!

Since I was the last one finished, I didn't have time to completely tie off my warp or to iron the blanket. Ironing with a damp cloth sets the weave and evens out the warp. It also makes the wool relax a bit. That's why it looks so wrinkly.

When both the blankets a completely finished, we'll make the beds all neat and tidy and give you one more photo.

When we got back home,
we were greeted by this serene vista.

We love being next to this creek.
The sounds and views it affords us
remind us every day how lucky we are.
We like the cows too.

And the sheep.
The "head " sheep
wears a big bell around his neck.
It makes the most pleasant sound.

I love this country life.


Suzanne LD Wannabe said...

Your blankets are spectacular!!!!! They don't look like beginners work at all. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final photos on the beds. What a great addition to Cholula Red. I still can't believe you did them in only four days. You two must be exhausted.

Love the idyllic photos of the ranch. How could you not feel relaxed looking at that scenery? Thanks for including them.

Anonymous said...

Great Work! Must have taken super concentration to do it in such a short time. What great fortune being on the ranch.