Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weaving Day 4, and a Glorious Sunset

We had a full day of weaving today. Lots of work.

I have to tell you, I find it ironic that immediately following my Freedom blog, I find myself committed to what is basically a forty hour work week! Wow, I forgot.

Bless all of you that are still doing it.

Back to the weaving. While it is very rewarding, it is a lot like work, and standing at a loom eight hours a day uses muscles I forgot I had.

Today, I took pictures, but again it was at the end of the day. The lighting in the studio leaves a bit to be desired. I even considered using my flash, something I rarely do. So I found myself playing with my camera settings, which is always a dangerous thing for me, especially when I am tired.

Long story short, some of the pictures came out and others are unviewable, including the photo of Terry's blanket..

You'll have to trust me that I'll do better tomorrow when we are all done.

For today, here's Carols rug
remember, this is not her first effort,
so don't judge us all against this
Here's Lisa's rug, day 3.
She's not a beginner either!
Here's Margaret's 1st rug
It looks MUCH better than in this photo.
And here's today picture of my rug.
Do you think
I'm losing my photographic chops
as I'm learning to weave?
I hope not!As of today, I've woven 54 inches, only 19 more to go, then I need to finish it off and on the bed it goes!

This was the potential finish of this entry, then just this moment, I looked outside and was reminded that there is a world out there.

And how very lucky we are to be in it.

The light here at the ranch is so stunning, I had to run outside and take a few photos.

Let's take a short break from the subject of weaving and enjoy this beautiful ranch.

These all deserve a closer look,
so click on any image
to enjoy the beauty
of northern New Mexico

And finally, an unforgettable sunset


Sistertex said...

Wow what a beautiful golden sunset! The blankets really do look very nice, so much work involved, I had no idea! thanks for sharing.

Suzanne LD Wannabe said...

You rock!! Your blanket is coming along beautifully. I can hardly wait to see it. The sunset was spectacular, particularly how it played on the landscape. Glad you were able to capture it. Thanks for thinking of us poor working folk. I look forward to weekends when I can go back to sleep at 3:30.