Sunday, August 2, 2009

We are the Luckiest People!

Not only do we have a great life, but we have amazing luck.

As I mentioned before, a friend at Ghost Ranch offered us a spot on his family ranch while we are taking our weaving class. Since a ranch sounded so much better than parking in the middle of town, we of course jumped on it.

But little did we know.

Today we moved, and our jaws literally dropped at our good fortune. This may be the most serenely beautiful spot we've ever had the opportunity to stay. A family ranch since the 1880s, it's twelve hundred acres of bliss.

Rather than blathering on,
let me show you what I'm talking about
(and remember
you can click on any shot
for a larger version).

We have horses
(this one is my favorite)

You can expect to see
more of her in the coming week.
Did you know that pintos have blue eyes?

I love her long eyelashes.

Just one more shot.
taken from our living room window.

We also have sheep.

And a goat,

and this lovely meandering creek.

You'll be seeing a lot more
of this, also.

We're parked right beside it.

It's smooth as glass
making for great reflection shots.

The sun streaks through the clouds
down on to the water.
New Mexico's finest.

One last shot of our site.

And one,
just because I liked it.

So would you agree that we are the luckiest people?

All I can say is


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful..... great pictures as usual.....

Sistertex said...

Lovely place Kate! By the way, I believe I saw the episode of 'Throw-Down' tonight that you saw filmed. Was it the one in New Mexico of the burgers?

Enjoy your beautiful place. I got a kick out of the photo of sheep, all of them standing there looking at you. Just struck me funny. :)

Suzanne LD Wannabe said...

Wow, what a lovely spot. Kind of like having your own ranch.