Saturday, August 1, 2009

On the Move (and Blankets!)

Well, not quite, but soon.

Yesterday the temporary camp host came in, so we changed location to give her the official camp host site. We will be leaving tomorrow, headed up to Tierra Amarilla, a small town just outside he Carson National Forest.

As regular readers may remember, we are going up to Tierra Wools to create blankets for the motorhome. Our class is in Los Ojos, just two miles down the road from Tierra Amarilla.

Originally, the folks at Tierra Wools had offered us a spot next to the facility to park Cholula Red. Then, while talking with one of the local folks who works here at Ghost Ranch, he offered us a spot to park on his family ranch.

This is a lovely spot, has been in the family for generations, and we are excited for the opportunity. With the family's permission, we hope to post pictures of the ranch.

But back to the blankets. We went up and spoke with the instructor. We learned that they are just a wee bit short of colors right now, so well need to stick to colors they have available for our blankets. I had hoped for a muted mossy green, but none was available, so we spent some time perusing the selections.

Of course, Terry picked his colors in about three minutes, while the other 115 minutes were spent with me pulling out virtually every color they had available. Finally we picked some colors and came home to attempt design.

Again, Terry finished his in a flash and I'm still up in the air, decision wise.

So I thought I'd ask some opinions. I've posted the photo below, remember we start on Monday so jump in here quick!

The four blankets across the middle are Terry's design. Since these will be on twin beds in the same room, we'd like them to compliment without being identical. Feel free to click to enlarge and let me know what you think.

Note that there probably isn't enough turquoise to do the first one, but I liked it so well, I'm including it here anyway.

We're both getting excited.


Jonna said...

How exciting! I like Terry's design a lot. I think the top right one goes really well with it, the one with all the black. I also like the top middle one but is there a black band missing at the bottom on that one? It seems to be the only one without a repeating pattern? I'd like it as well but with the black continued at the bottom.

Anyway, they are all beautiful and will look great. Have fun.

paulalowery said...

Dear heart,

My vote for your blanket is the middle one in the top row. I love the grey blanket at the bottom left, but if you want them to really complement each other I think you need to have some black in it.

Have fun!

Beary said...

Hey you guys!

So fun to see you doing this project. We are good and look forward to seeing you later this year. We like the last one on the bottom, but then what does Heidi the dog know! Have fun in class and we look forward to seeing them in person!
Doug, Beth and Heidi

Anonymous said...

I like anything with turquoise in it! So grab all you can! Seriously, I like Terry's design, and I think they all compliment each other. The more color, the better in my book. I envy you both this opportunity--Sandy

Suzanne LD Wannabe said...

Terry's design is beautiful. I think I would pick the top middle design. I like the touch of asymmetry. Being able to get some more turquoise in would be a bonus. Are you going to use your "pedernal" pillow in there too? Have a great time weaving. Can hardly wait to see the results.