Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is Anybody Here?

While this blog was started for my own enjoyment, I assume some folks are reading it, but maybe not?

Just wondering . . .

Anyhow, today is turning in to a pretty exciting one.

While we were Bosque del Apache last winter, I got a bug to try painting with watercolors. Now mind you, I've never painted anything more intricate than my bedroom wall, and have no drawing talent whatsoever. But never being one to let inexperience stop me, I dug right in.

And promptly got stuck.

And that was when, once again Serendipity struck.

See, there were these folks who pulled in to the RV park and we got to talking (as often happens) and it turns out that the Mrs. of the rig was a watercolor artist! And not just a watercolor artist, but the President of the Southern Chapter of the New Mexico Watercolor Society which is based in Las Cruces!

She spoke with me at length, and gave me lots of tips, and I played with the watercolors a bit but discovered I really needed more help. Consequently I've been carrying my little kit with me but doing nothing at all with watercolors.

When we pulled into Leasburg, I decided to send her an email and see if we might get together. Well, she has extended a gracious invitation to dinner at her home, and it also turns out that the Southern Chapter of the New Mexico Watercolor Society is having a meeting today with a guest artist and we can attend!

What fun!

The artist is David Rothermel, whose work I love so this will be a most entertaining afternoon and evening, Wahoo!

More on this later, but if this isn't nice I don't know what is!


Sheila said...

Hi Kate,
I'm here - I read every one of your posts, and enjoy them all.
How exciting about the watercolor painting. My DIL took it up a couple of years ago and turns out some astonishingly beautiful pieces. I'm always impressed.
I'll bet that you find your arty side and with living mostly in NM will have a Southwestern flair to our artwork. I can't wait to see some pics posted on here.
You go girl.


Mimi said...

You've heard "dance like no one is watching" Well mine to you is "Paint like no one will see" Do it for yourself, have fun and then share what you feel like.
Oh and btw I check your blog daily :)

Joanne in Boston said...

Oh, Kate, please be reassured that you have many lurking admirers who could leave a boring daily comment like, "I sure wish that's how I spent MY day yesterday!" Those of us who yearn to hit the road certainly appreciate your sharing your freedom and experiences with such enthusiasm and style.