Monday, September 29, 2008

A Santa Fe Garden

I went out searching for yard sales this weekend and found the most beautiful garden! I passed it by and then spun a U turn to go back and give it another look.

Fortunately the owner was out tending her flowers and she seemed quite pleased when I asked if I could take pictures.

Remember to click on any photo for a larger version.

This is what first caught my eye.

I loved the color on this bloom.

Look closely and you can see the pollen in the center.

The morning glories were my very favorite,
so I took the most pictures of them.

They ranged in color from a pale baby blue

to an intense dark blue

If you look closely here you can see the delicate thinness of these blossoms.

As they reach for the clouds you can see the light through the petals.

Just lovely.

I particularly liked this stalk, which had both
blue with white spots
white with blue spots!

Just one more morning glory.

This one was so amazingly royal purple, I had to include it here.

This kind gardener then invited me to see the rest of her garden.

It was just as beautiful as the front yard.

Isn't it great the way these blooms cascade down from the sun?

While I know that cosmos are a staple of many gardens,

they always amaze me with their simple beauty.

One last shot of her shade garden.

These inpatients reminded me so much
of the flowers along the Santa Cruz coast . . .

Gosh, I guess I miss my garden! Oh well, at least there are folks like this wonderful lady who shared with me. It was a special gift indeed.

And now on to an entirely different subject . . .

A month or so ago, we decided that we really didn't like our Subaru and have now sold it and bought a 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara, which we both like a lot better. That has kept us busy for the last few weeks, so that's one reason I haven't been posting a lot (in case anyone was wondering).

And tomorrow morning we'll be leaving Santa Fe and heading down to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta, Yee Haw!

Life is Good!


photowannabe said...

Have fun at the festival. Glad to know where you are since your map finder had dropped you for not updating it.
Beautiful pictures of the morning glories and other poseys.
Congrats on the new car.

Kate said...


Thanks for letting me know, I've updated the map, we're now at the Balloon Fiesta Park!