Friday, August 10, 2012

Musings on Food

As you may have gleaned from previous posts, we're exercising more.

Our aims are many.  We'd both like to lose some weight, we'd like to get Terry's diabetes under control (he was recently diagnosed and is on pill meds.  Our hope is to keep him off insulin and maybe even get him off his diabetes meds all together).

For that fact, we both take various prescription meds that we'd like to get off of.  And of course, there's the benefit that if we eat better and exercise more, we'll certainly feel better.

So far, we're doing quite well.  I wont go into the details of our changes, suffice it to say we're seeing excellent results.  And I think I'm learning some things along the way . . .

After years of yo-yo dieting, something occurred to me the other day.

No matter what changes I've tried to make in my eating over the years, I've always looked at the plan and tried to get the very most out of the meals.  My viewpoint was always "how much can I eat and still stay on program?"

I've done this all my life.

This time though, things seem to be different.

I feel so much more in touch with my emotions and my body.  Instead of looking for how much I can eat, this time I find myself paying attention to my body.  Rather than eating to a sense of fullness, I'm eating only to where I'm no longer hungry.  Substituting a sense of fullness with a sense of satisfaction is a whole new place for me, but one that I'm enjoying.

I'm thinking this is how life must be for those that are naturally thin.

Silly ramblings, I know.  But I wanted to write this down while it's still fresh in my mind.


Jerry and Suzy said...

Kate, we sure understand eating as much as possible and still staying within the program. After surgery, Suzy has the new attitude of eating until she recognizes the signal of full, which -- with a tiny stomach -- comes very fast. One bite beyond that is a terrible feeling that lasts for quite a while. Jerry often gets to finish whatever food she doesn't finish, and perhaps that is why Jerry needs to lose a few pounds that weren't there before!

Donna said...

Your ramblings are not silly! In fact, to me, they're not ramblings at all.

I can completely relate to your quest to lose weight and get off meds. I've been diabetic for 10 years now. It has always been controlled and I only take meds. In fact, I confess to eating sweets regularly but the meds seem to keep me in control. These days though I'm thinking it's time to lay off the sweets, eat a little better, and perhaps lose a few pounds. My husband is diabetic too so we are both headed for more veggies, less carbs and less sweets.

Hang in there with your quest! I suspect that reward is right around the corner for the two of you. Go Kate and Terry!

Take care.

Merikay said...

Changing your eating habits for life can be almost as hard as quitting smoking or any other addiction.

I have had to learn how to say no to many temptations and eat food in moderation. Often it is easier for me to not eat something at all rather than eat less of it.

What ever changes you make, may I suggest keeping a very detailed food log. If you make yourself write down every bit of food and record the calories etc. you will become more and more aware of what is working for you or not.

You start asking yourself if you really want to have to put that in your mouth and thus in your log.

It's worked for me, I'm approaching -40 pounds since January.

Donna K said...

Glad to hear you and Terry are doing well. I can tell you for sure, it is no fun to try and manage insulin.