Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm taking the day off, and I realized I haven't posted in a while.

I love these days when I wake up and say I'm going to do just exactly what I want to do today, nothing else.  It's a gift I give myself occaisionally, and Terry is wonderful enough to just let me have them when I want.

So what's been going on?

Not a lot, more of the same, working in the house (not as much as we should admittedly), going to the gym (a lot!) and taking care of ourselves by being midful of what we eat.

We did do something along the eating lines, we bought a Vitamix!

As we are moving more into careful eating, we've become aware of how difficult it is to get in all the proper nutrition we need on a daily basis.  The truth is, both of our stomachs have shrunk, and we both find it's hard to eat really huge meals like we used to. 

We talked about it and decided that maybe the best way to go would be to drink some of our fruits and veggies for one meal a day.  After researching all the options, we decided a Vitamix is just what we needed.

The first thing I made was carrot soup.  A few carrots, some celery, garlic, lemon, jalapeno, cinnamon and a bit of water.  Boy was it ever good!  I really like that it cooks right in the blender, much less clean up that way.  Also, by making soup this way, I make exactly what we need for one meal, no leftovers! 

We've also made a bunch of smoothies, and you know what?  They're right, with the correct blend of fruit and such, you never even taste the spinach, kale or whatever.  So now we have our veggie input under control, and are we ever happy!

We also happened on a free flat of fresh strawberries.  Now, you know that strawberries never last long at all, so we cleaned them up, pureed them in the Vitamix and froze  them in one cup increments.  Now we have bunches of frozen strawberries for our drinks.

So here's my request.  Do any of you have any favorite blender recipes?  If so, please share, I'd love to  learn more.

That's it for today.


Gaelyn said...

The smoothies sound like a good, tasty and healthy idea. I like them but never think to make them.

photowannabe said...

Way to go Kate. I'm really proud of your progress.
Dave has a consultation with the cardiologist tomorrow (Tues) the last test confirmed some blockage. Don't know where or how much.
Will let you know what happens next when we know.
Dave just wants to feel better again.
His vertigo seems to have come back this morning. There is always something. so we are very low key today.
take care and enjoy your "ME" day.