Monday, January 6, 2014

Disneyland, Christmas 2013

Yeah, I know, I've neglected the blog for way too long (and may continue to do so).

That said, we spent Christmas in Disneyland (2013) and I wanted to place a couple of high res memory shots here, so that's what I'm going to do!

Like always, if you really want to see the detail, each photo should be clicked on and opened in a full sized window so you can see all the detail.  FYI, all these were either taken with my iPhone 5s (love that panorama mode) or my Canon 7D, which I carted all over Disneyland for a full 8 days thanks to my Cotton Carrier.

We had one day of wonderful skies, 
at least for photos
(iPhone 5s panorama).

Not my favorite place to eat, 
but I love the decor
(iPhone 5s panorama)

Christmas in New Orleans Square
(Canon 7D)

Christmas Lights in Cars Land,
California Adventure
(iPhone 5s)

They even decorate the horses on Main Street
(Canon 7D)

Kind of noisy, but I love the lines
(iPhone 5s)

Sleeping Beauty Castle, 
all decked out for Christmas
(iPhone 5s panorama)

California Adventure is growing on me.
(iPhone 5s panorama)

We were over at the Hotel at just the right time
(iPhone 5s)

Small World was the most magical of sights
(iPhone 5s panorama)

But the Castle was pretty impressive too!
(Canon 7)

It was a delightful time.
As always


Carol K said...

Welcome back to blogland! I enjoyed seeing your photos of Christmas at Disneyland!

Big Matt said...

Hey, good to see you posting again. I have a little bit of an off-topic question, what was the date that you guys finally hit the road full-timing on your blog?

I dropped out following a while back because it was still in the works as a great many things Disney were sold off, and now I can't remember where to pick it back up at.

Russ Krecklow said...

Nice place to spend Christmas. You got some pretty neat photos, too! Love all the color, and the various angles, and textures. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the magical pix. Have missed your posts. Hope all is going well. Will we ever see you on the road again? Take care.