Sunday, January 6, 2008


The dictionary defines Serendipity as an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

I am a huge believer in Serendipity. In fact I count on it and it has rarely let me down.

Those of you who know me realize I'm kind of slippery with plans, but that is by design on my part, since I always want to leave room for the unexpected. This practice has opened doors I never would have expected, which is kind of the point, isn't it?

This may become a recurring theme in the blog. . . In fact, if I don't get well and out of the rig soon, all blog entries may be like this! Sorry, I'm just not getting out a lot lately to take pictures . . .

Anyhow, I did go into town yesterday. Terry is one week behind me in this hellish affliction, so chores are falling to me, and we needed some staples, so off to Socorro I went.

And do you think I could go into town and pass by that great thrift store without going in? I think not!

In my junking adventures, I always look for books, music and movies, as well as whatever strikes my fancy (assuming it will fit in Cholula Red of course).

For new music, I usually just go by my gut feelings. Sometimes I like the liner art, or the inner notes, sometimes I just like the sound of the song titles. Since CDs are usually only a couple of bucks, I'm always open to trying something I've never heard.

Yesterday I picked up a 3 disc retrospective of Janis Joplin, a collection of Paraguayan harp music by a gentleman named Alfredo Rolando Ortiz and the true treasure of the group, Painted Desert Serenade by Joshua Kadigan.

Now I've never heard of Mr. Kadigan, but something in the look of the CD and the names of the songs told me it would be a treasure, and is it ever!

Have you ever heard of him? He composes his own songs, plays a perfect piano and writes songs that play like stories. They allow you to enter a specific place in time, experience people and their relationships in an intimate fashion, making them instant friends, all set to exquisite music. That he writes from his heart is obvious on the first listening, but as you listen repeatedly, they really work their way into your consciousness. A lovely find.

Of course, I had to look him up on the internet, thus opening whole new aspects to this artist. His website is a real window into his life, making his music all the more real and poignant.

He shares his feelings on so many subjects, and he also shares a good bit of his music, much of his music is available on his website as a free download,

Please, take a listen, I promise you wont be disappointed.

Life continues to be very good!

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