Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thoughts on the Blog

Let me start out by clearing something up . . .

I started this blog thinking it would be just about our travels in Cholula Red, but it seems to have evolved into something else entirely.

I enjoy sharing recipes and it seems that many of you like this also, so now I do that every once in a while.

Then there's my soapbox, which I just can't help but get up on every once in a while

Then there's the random thoughts that seem to flutter through my mind, willy nilly. I try to keep these to a minimum, but sometimes, of their own volition, they seem to pop up.

And then there's the various books, movies, etc that I particularly like to share.

I just wanted to let my readers know that I am drifting away from the absolute stated purpose of the blog and I hope it's OK.

I don't get a whole lot of feedback about the blog, so I'm not sure if this matters a lot. Still, I wanted to put it out there.

So I hope the direction the blog is moving is something you might want to continue reading.

Life is good.


Bugsbunny said...

Hi Kate,

I love your blog and the format that you write in.

We were in NM this OCT and loved it too. I am still working though my husband has retired. NM is the first place we will winter once retired and you have given us inspiration.

Also, I love your remodel stories!

I have been following your blog for many months now and enjoy the postings very much. Your blog is one of my Top Ten that I check daily. Keep up the great work.

Signed: Katie - to be at least a part timer in < 2 years in a 1987 Airstream Classic motorhome, towing a Jeep Wrangler, traveling with DH Tex, and the wonderdog, Wagster P. Thornbottom III.

Jonna said...

I'm of the opinion that people read blogs because they are interested in the person writing it, what they are doing, what they are thinking, what they are looking at or reading or where they are going. At any rate, that's why I read your blog ;)

Also, it is YOUR blog. You can put whatever you want on it right? You knew I would say that though since it is my excuse.

judilyn said...

Hi Kate - A blog, to me, is like a journal or a diary. You can enter anything that pleases you. I have enjoyed all of the topics you have presented. I am still getting announcements from the Lipizanners!

Virtual hugs,


Anne Johnson said...

Agree with all the for me your blog is something like a conversation with a friend. I get to keep up with my friends (some of whom I've met only once or twice - some of whom I've never met except thru their blog) and what they are doing, thinking, planning. You are among only three other blogs I check out every day, my friend. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Kate, I found your blog on the Lazy Daze sight and I love it. I love the pictures, the recipes, and the random musing. I live in Albuquerque and love your info about places in NM.


photowannabe said...

This blog keeps me in contact with you my friend. I want to know what's happening in your life and what gives you that spark. Keep it up and someday we will reconnect...