Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Apologies, once again I've fallen behind.

You know, I have a TON of pictures that I mean to post as blogs (like my second set of 2008 Balloon Fiesta pictures) but when time gets away from me, I just seem to go on to something more current.

Like this post!

We are currently back in Manzano, so I have pictures of this area to share.

I loved the way the leaning cowboy shadow fit right into the landscape.

After the massive fires last year, they are having prescribed burns. This shot was taken from the highway heading into Manzano. Remember you can always click on any photo for a larger image.

Fall is in full swing here and the colors are stunning. Added to this is the smoke in the air, and the light is pretty spectacular.

Yesterday we went to Quarai just before closing. The sun was low in the sky but not yet setting, so it made for some nice light. Right now with the foliage, the landscape is luminous, it really looks like a renaissance painting, especially against the turquoise sky.

Here's a shot of the church ruins at Quarai.

The setting sunlight was perfect through the leaves of the trees, I took several pictures.

This is a picnic are at Quarai, it's really the perfect spot.

This one looks much better enlarged.

The smoke was kind of intrusive here, but I liked the composition of this photo.

Doesn't this just beg you to stroll down this path?

More leaves.

One of the great things about Quarai is that you can walk all around the ruins and see it from many different angles.


This is just a shot of some weeds,
but again,
the light seemed
to transform them into something else entirely.

The Chapel


Inside the Chapel,
looking up

These are buffalo gourds.
They grow wild all over New Mexico.
The leaves smell like skunk, so Beware!

From inside the Chapel
looking out

More landscape.
Sorry but I just love this country


AGAIN, sorry.

Terry, walking out at closing.
We would have stayed longer,
but they were closing the gates

As we were heading home
so was this cow

And here we, home again.

Do you like our spare tire cover?

We thought it was just perfect!


photowannabe said...

Terrific post and you are really in God's Acre.
Yes the tire cover is so perfect for you.

Judy said...

Thanks for the fantastic photos. Been looking for them for quite awhile now (says I, grinning). In the last photo (loved the tire cover) it looks like you have a beach umbrella. If so, could you show me a close up of it? I hate those LD awnings!!

Judy Wms.

Kate said...


The umbrellas is a simple affair from Costco. The pole pulls apart into two pieces, so it's pretty easy to store in the rig.