Sunday, June 28, 2009

the Pedernal Art Tour


Last weekend was the Pedernal Art Tour, a sort of Open Studio tour, where we got to visit with many artists and view their work.

Cerro Pedernal is the imposing landmark in this area, visible for miles in every direction. We are fortunate to have a view right outside our window, but I'm particularly fond of this shot which shows Pedernal from the opposite side.

I took this shot
at the end
of the Pedernal Arts Tour.
Remember to Click to Enlarge
to see the majesty of Pedernal

You can't spend much time in this area without seeing hundreds of representations of Pedernal. Paintings, drawings, photographs, pottery, it seems to inspire everyone for miles around.

Local weavers are also fond of incorporating it into their work. I've gotten somewhat used to the weavings, as most represent the mountain against a blue sky with several shades of mountains and water in the foreground.

Then, during the Arts Tour, we visited the Saldana Weaving Shop, which features the creations of Santana Salazar. Her work is astounding. Out of politeness, I didn't ask her age, but I've heard she is in her eighties, and her years of experience lend something extra to her work. When I saw this pillow, I knew that this was the view of Pedernal that I wanted to carry with me.

I realize the shot is kind of blown out, but I wanted you to see it against her other weavings, rather than in it's new home, which is on my couch!

I love that the rising moon is included in the shot, and the oranges speak so perfectly of the New Mexico skies. I also like the subtle addition of the Native American symbols towards the top of the sky. This is just an astounding piece of art and one I feel fortunate to have found.

Here, I took a short detour from photographing art to shoot other scenes that caught my eye during the day.

I took several shots of this cat,
but I liked this one the best.

After a short New Mexico shower,
the flowers were so bright and clean,
with just a few drops clinging here and there.

It was a wonderful day.

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photowannabe said...

That's a beautiful pillow. I don't blame you for getting it.
It seems your days are just filled with beauty. How wonderful for you and Terry.