Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just a Few Photos

I keep thinking I should be posting lots of adventures, stories of travels, exciting fables, you know what I mean.

But the truth of the matter is that we're so happy here and have settled into such a free and easy routine that there isn't a lot to write about. Don't get me wrong, our life is far from boring. We meet a lot of wonderful people, old and new friends visit, life is truly good. Just not the exciting stuff of which to write thrilling blogs.

So I guess I'll just continue to post a few pictures and write about our day to day life.

I took this picture of Terry
when he didn't know I was there.
It's one of my favorite shots of him.
He's standing out in the alfalfa field
under Kitchen Mesa.

Our campground.

The main office at Ghost Ranch.

Some friends visited
and I took this photo of their dog Jack.
While pets aren't allowed
if you're staying at Ghost Ranch,
if you just come in for the day,
you're free to bring them along.

Just a shot I liked
(I have hundreds of these!)

Our friend Wayne
was playing with my camera.
The results are below.

another visitor to the campground,

We have an Arts Building.
I like how it's rounded shape
adds to every picture I take of it.

Many artists visit the ranch,
and often donate their work.
This is one of the newest pieces,
my very favorite.

I'll try to get the artists name
and post it in a future blog
(Make sure to click to enlarge this one).

That's it for now, I love my life.

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Jim and Gayle said...

Hi Kate,

Just a suggestion for a future blog post. Since we are volunteering here at Bonneville Dam, we would be interested in hearing about what your duties are there as a volunteer.
It may be someplace we'd be interested in working one day, since we like New Mexico so much, too!