Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moving Again!

We're just about at the end of our stay here in Santa Fe, back to Ghost Ranch tomorrow.

We haven't seen one single film! But we have had a great time visiting with friends. Unfortunately, we didn't get around to everyone, but we'll most likely be back here in six or eight weeks. Maybe we'll get around to more visiting then (hopefully).

Wow, lots of comments on the last blog entry. I've been neglecting the blog this week, so I'll try to answer some of the comments here.

Suzanne, if we had gone to the movies, Julie & Julia would have been at the top of the list. The time just got away from us, so we'll most likely see that one when it comes out on DVD

SM, we never did get to the new Sunflower Market. While we've done a bit of grocery shopping, we're trying not to stock up too much since when we're back at Ghost Ranch, once again, they'll be feeding us. When we return to Santa Fe, we'll definitely give it a look.

Sistertex, Thank You so much for the award, I've never gotten anything like it and don't really know how to respond! I do enjoy photography and it's really great to know someone is looking at my pictures!

Julie and Lisa, regarding RV accommodations in Santa Fe . . . We are fortunate to have good friends who have a place for us to stay. As far as other places, are you by any chance Elks? There is a lovely Elks Club here with very reasonable RV spots. There's also Hyde State Park, about eight miles out of town (OK if you have a toad). Past that, there are quite a few RV parks but the cost is generally around $35 and up per night, ouch. Sorry I can't be of more help.

And Tumbleweed, Thanks for your kind comments on my photos. I think you're doing a great job with the FZ28. It's a phenomenal camera, it just takes a bit of time to learn all it's special tricks. Keep on shooting!

Thank you all for reading the blog, as always, I love hearing from readers.

Once we get back to Ghost Ranch, I'm sure I'll be posting more pictures. It's such a magical place, I can hardly stop shooting photos!

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Julie and Lisa said...

Thanks, Kate! Glad you had a good time in "the big city." We are itching to get back out there!