Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas in New Mexico

There was a holiday luncheon out at Casa del Sol a few days ago.

Casa del Sol is one of the homes from the 1930s here at the ranch, now transformed into a spiritual retreat.

And a lovely place it is, too.

Built in the Hacienda style, it's shaped in a U with all the rooms opening to a common courtyard. Originally, none of the rooms connected. As built, you had to go outside to enter or leave each room. Some time ago, Casa del Sol was remodeled. Now, one side contains a common room, a kitchen and two small bedrooms. The other rooms remain as built, serving as lodging for guests.

It is my favorite home on the ranch.

I love the architecture
of New Mexico,
especially in the snow.
The organic lines
lend themselves to nature.
(click to enlarge).

viewed through gentle curves.

A New Mexico Christmas Tree.

There's always
something to photograph.

Even though it's buried in snow,
the Heart Labyrinth
is still a magical place.

The adventure continues.
as always

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