Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snowflakes and Smiles

We got in the car this morning
and my jaw literally dropped.

The patterns on our windshield
were so intricate and fabulous.
They transformed the landscape.

I've never seen Cholula Red
look like this!
(As always, click to enlarge.)

To a California girl like me,
this was one of the
most beautiful sights
I can remember.

On to another kind of beauty . . .

I love the faces of New Mexico.
This is Andrea,
she works in the kitchen.
I love her smile.

And this is Amelia.
In my last set of portraits,
I shared two pictures of Krystal.
Amelia is her Mother.
Good genes will tell.

I could spend ALL my time
taking pictures!

As always, you can click to enlarge


photowannabe said...

The snow on the windshield is amazing. Great capture of the intricate design.

Suzanne LD Wannabe said...

Wow, ice on my windshield never looked like that! Fabulous shots.