Sunday, June 6, 2010

the Light

Regular readers know that I'm enamored of the light here in New Mexico, and for good reason.

But even in this amazing environment, there are times when it seems almost unreal.

And that's what happened today.

The past couple of days it has been really hot, high 90s. At this altitude, when there's no cloud cover, it often seems warmer than the actual temperature.

Today, thunder showers were predicted. We had some cloud cover, offering welcome relief from the heat. As the day went on we had more and more high clouds, but the rain and thunder didn't materialize.

Then, about 6:00,
suddenly the light just changed.
We looked out the window
and saw this.

Where we're parked, we have a sublime view, with the town off to one side and the Sangre de Christos on the other. Because of the location, we often have two completely different vistas, and the light is certainly different in the two directions.

This was our view in the other direction.

Pretty amazing, huh?

Here's the light
over Tim and Carin's house
(home to the amazing garden
I shared with you in my last post)

I haven't been taking a lot of pictures lately, so I was kind of surprised to find myself looking around with my "photographer's eye". I guess I thought it would go away, but when I put a camera in my hand, it seems to come right back.

Sort of like riding a bicycle!

I'll finish with a couple of shots
of Cholula Red

And I swear,
the sky really was
this amazing shade
of lavender blue

Shortly after these were taken, the showers began. The air smelled sweet and the thermometer dropped. It was a pretty wonderful couple of hours.

One more thing before I close for this entry. I noticed that these pictures aren't as sharp as I'd like. In order to get them, I grabbed the first camera available (my Panasonic), but didn't notice till after the sun had set that the lens was filthy dirty!

So please accept my apologies.

That said, I'm sure that one of these days I'll get back in to taking pictures every day.

Till then,
be assured that we're well and happy,
having a great time.


photowannabe said...

Amazing skies Kate. So glad you captured them and shared with us.

Mimi said...

Kate, filthy lens or not those pics were stunning!
Hugs, Mi