Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carin's Garden (captured with my iPhone)

We've been hanging out in Santa Fe, having a wonderful time (and not blogging as some of you may have noticed).

This afternoon, we visited our friends Tim and Carin. As always, we were completely incredibly impressed by Carin's garden.

I didn't have either one of my regular cameras with me, so once again I relied on my trusty iPhone.

I'm becoming
more and more enamored
of the results
you can get
from this little beensy camera.

As I did at the Grand Canyon,
I used the iPhoto ap called
HD Camera

Tim and Carin have a number
of gazing balls
scattered through the garden.
This is the first time
I've ever seen them
in an actual garden.
I vow if I ever have another garden,
it will be filled with these colorful orbs.

The iris are close to done,
but I couldn't resist
this scrumptious shade of yellow.
It's like buttah . . .

Another ball,
the stripes add a delightful aspect
to the yard

Here you can see a wider shot,
but this is merely a small part
of this glorious patch of earth

A final shot of the beauteous poppies

The weather here in Santa Fe
has been perfect,
so we'll be staying a while,
or at least until we decide
it's time to move on . . .

As always

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photowannabe said...

Your little phone does a great job Kate. Gorgeous poppies and a beautiful garden.