Thursday, August 4, 2011

Layers Part 2


I've had a couple of people email me about layers.

First off, I'm not very good with them either (which is why I was so excited to find Blender for my iPad).

Just as an example, if you look at yesterdays blog, I show five pictures. All five pictures took me no more than maybe two to five minutes to get them exactly how I wanted. This was using Blender.

I decided to try a similar thing with Photoshop (the picture above). It took me nearly an hour! Now the reality is, I had much more control over the photo above, and many many more choices. And the choices are part of what took me so long. Should I do it this way or that? At one point I removed the wooden structure behind the statue, didn't like that either. Then I added a few more layers, on and on it went. That's what I mean about the small iPad apps that just do one or two things. They do what they do quite well and don't present you with too many choices.

Am I more happy with the picture above versus those from yesterday? Not really, but then this isn't a great shot, I'm just playing around. If it was something I really cared about, I would definitely use my computer and Photoshop.

But for the everyday, "hey I want to blend these two for the fun of it", I'll take the iPad and Blender every day. Quick, easy and good results (at least I think so!).


Donna K said...

It sure is fun to manipulate the images, no matter which program is used. I still use the OLD OLD Microsoft Digital Image more than I do Photoshop because of its simplicity. Have fun and I like that image. Good work!

Jerry and Suzy said...

You're right about so many options in Photoshop -- maybe not as many in Elements, but still too many. Maybe we can get Google (who own Picasa) to add a Blender to their program. Picnik has some neat tricks, but most of them are silly or stupid.