Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Up the Coast

After visiting the Festival this weekend, I couldn't get those deep fried artichoke hearts out of my head (I had passed them up the first time). I talked with my friend Misty and we decided we just had to go get some. We spent an hour or so at the fair, then decided the day was so beautiful, we needed to take a drive up the coast.
So off we went.

We decided our destination
would be Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Built in 1871,
the lighthouse is now
a State Historic Park.
It also houses a Hostel.
Terry and I keep saying
we're going to stay there for a few days,
but we still haven't gotten around to it

The grounds feature lots of walks
with picket fences.

It's tied with the Point Arena Lighthouse
as the tallest lighthouse
on the west coast.
115 feet high.

There's also a small museum.

And a hot tub
facing the ocean
for Hostel visitors!
We really need to stay there.

After the lighthouse,
we decided to head on up the coast
just a bit more.

Like I say
it was a glorious day.

The seals were also enjoying the weather.

As were the seagulls.

Finally, we turned around and headed back home,
giving us a completely different view.
Heading south, the ocean is on your right,
with rich green valleys on your left.
I guess we had been so taken with the sea
on our journey north
that we never looked to the other side.

Misty was just as accommodating as Terry,
stopping whenever I wanted to take a photo.
Thanks Misty!

Here's a pumpkin farm
that sets up a giant maze every fall.
If you enlarge it,
you can see the maze in the distance.
There's also a huge redwood gorilla.

Heading down the coast,
we saw lots of windsurfers.
At least I think that's what they call this.
It's fascinating to watch.

And finally,
the sun beginning to set,
we headed home.

I don't want you to get the idea that we're just playing, ignoring the house. We continue to pack and sort and make progress.

Some day, we'll be able to post pictures of our travels again.


Russ Krecklow said...

Kate, sorry to hear that you passed the deep fried artichoke hearts up. Hope you are feeling better now.

Always nice to get out and about when you are feeling restless. With camera in hand, you can always make a good case for creating some new "blog fodder" to be used at some time. We look forward to your posts and photos.

Get well soon!

Donna K said...

Love you pictures today Kate. I really like the one of the wooden walkway with the slatted shadows across it. Patterns - nice!! We are starting on our own clean-up project...time to get 'er done.