Thursday, September 8, 2011

the Bridge to Nowhere

If you read this blog, you know I'm interested in photography. Lately, I've been playing with a lot of pictures, with various levels of success. I guess I'm trying to find my "style" whatever that may be.

I can say that a lot of what I see online, I don't care for. It seems that something called grunge is very popular in photography right now, it's not my thing. I like my pictures pretty sharp, with lots of contrast and lots of color.

And lately, I seem to be veering towards a somewhat dreamy, surreal look look (like the colorful shot I posted yesterday). Not for everyone, but I'm feeling my way here.

Today's shot is from Big Sur.
We were driving in and out of fog,
so the sky is somewhat blown out.
Here's the original
Straight out of the camera.

After playing around a bit,
this is what I liked the best.

Not my usual,
but somewhat warmer and more colorful.
It reminds me
of an old Kodachrome postcard.


John and Ellen said...

Isn’t digital photography great? Nice shot, it was fun to compare and contrast between the two. While the landscape is certainly on a grand scale here, I found myself drawn to the beautiful lines and architecture of the bridge. Of course, I also felt forced to follow the road and then left wondering what was around the corner at the top. Nicely done!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Just a little cropping made a big difference, plus the slight augmentation of light and shadow. Good job!