Friday, September 30, 2011


As I said before,
I had a lovely time on my little getaway.

It was so great to be among
so many fine women RVers.

If any of you Lazy Day ladies
ever get the chance to go to one of these events,
you really should attend.
It's enlightening, educating
and just a whole lot of fun.

This is a shot of Lorna,
she's responsible for
the LaDeze get-togethers.

One day, my friend Nancy and I
took off on an adventure.
We spotted a sign for a place called Wildlife Images.
We had no idea what kind of facility it was
and decided we needed to find out.

As we pulled in to the parking lot,
look who came out!

His name is Defiant.
It turns out that Wildlife Images
is an animal rescue organization.
They return a full 80% of their rescues back to the wild

I took a ton of pictures during our visit.
Somewhere along the way,
I changed my camera setting
to manual focus instead of auto focus.

At least I thought I did.
It was only later that I discovered
I had hit the image stabilization button,
totally disabling image stabilization . . .

And the reality is,
I can't hold a camera still to save my life.
So when I got home and looked at the pictures,
a full 99% of them were less than ideal.

MUCH less than ideal . . .

So there are just a few
that are even presentable.

I liked this one and it's even in focus!

And for some reason,
this one cat was in focus.
Sort of.

Since I had so little to work with,
I reworked this one.

The next day, I had much better luck,
but that's for another blog.

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Donna K said...

Glad you had such a good time. I have never heard of Wildlife Images but it sounds like something I would enjoy. Really nice photos of the bald eagle.