Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crescent City

While I had a great time at the get-together, I ended up leaving early. Getting up to Oregon had been a hard drive affair, no stopping except for gas and bathroom breaks. I knew I wanted to take it a bit easier on the drive home. I had to be back in San Jose for Doctor's appointments first thing Tuesday morning, so with this in mind, I decided it would be best to get a start late Saturday afternoon, rather than waiting for Sunday morning.

Kathy, another attendee, also had to drive quite a ways, so she decided to leave at about the same time. While we weren't traveling together, we decided we would meet up for dinner in Crescent City.

After dinner, where we found how well we got along, she invited me to spend the night in her Lazy Daze rather than me having to rent a motel room.

What a great invitation! I, of course accepted.

We found an RV park right on the bay.
Since the sun had not yet set,
we went out for a walk.

This was right behind where we parked the rig.

This shot has been cropped way down and blown waaaay up. I was a long ways away from these guys, but I loved the bird with the long legs. I believe he's a heron. It was just that time of day when the light was fading, and there was a slight case of mist, so this isn't as clear as I would like. Still, it's the only shot I got of him.

You can click to enlarge to see more detail.

He had lots of company.

The sun started to set,
giving us a wonderful warm glow.

And finally, it went to bed.
And so did we.

Again, Thank You Kathy for a lovely evening.
And I also wanted to thank Nancy
for allowing me to stay in her rig
during the LaDeze get-together.

What great friends I have!


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great sunset pictures:)

Donna K said...

Sounds like you had a great time even after the Ladeze GTG was over. Great photos. That long-legged bird doesn't look like the Herons we see around here. Maybe Judy can help out with an ID.

Nancy said...

It was GREAT seeing you again, Kate! I'm so glad you made the drive up to the Ladeze event.
Nice pics of the coast.