Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nothing Much

Busy busy busy.

We did another flea market this weekend. Dang, if they weren't so darned lucrative, we might give up. Then it was another carload down to the auction. And I'm planning a short trip to LA to shed some of the Disney.

Then there's all this Apple stuff . . .

I'm really excited about my new iPhone, which will be here Friday; however in order to take advantage of all the goodies, there's some software upgrading to do, and it seems like everybody in the world is doing the same thing.

It's been slow going.

Since I'm at the computer anyway, I've been spending some time playing with my pictures. I have an app called fx Photo Studio Pro that I've been playing with on my iPad, so it was kind of cool when I realized that a Mac version was available in an app bundle that I recently purchased.

This is just the kind of app that I'm so very fond of. You import your picture, then there are literally dozens of effects and filters. Once you see an effect or filter that you like, you can then decide how much of the effect you want to process into the picture. You can even apply one effect, then layer others on top of it.

This is hardly great art, but I find it helps open my mind to new ways to look at things, and I enjoy it immensely.

Without any further comments,
here's a few variations
on one picture.
(You can click on any image
for a larger version).

That's it for today!


Merikay said...

Interesting effects.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Lots of interesting effects. Isn't it fun playing with these things? Most of the variations were nice, but we weren't impressed with the green ones! As Kermit once said, "It ain't easy being green."

Pawson Travels said...

when will you be heading out for more travels? Are you done full timing?

Kate said...

Norm and Jerri,

No we're not done fulltiming, in fact we're still living in the rig. We just has to get rid of everything this time. When we leave, it will be forever, And I hate to admit it, but we're about the laziest people in the world!

Donna K said...

I just love digital photography. You can play as much as you want and it doesn't ruin anything and it doesn't cost anything either. Perfect!

Ed said...

I'm pleased that in all of your experiments that you left the bird white.