Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Pictures

I realize that this is really supposed to be an RVing blog, and we're still full time RVers. That said, while we're still clearing the house (I know, we're lazy and slow . . .) other things occupy my mind.

For you RVers that don't care about my computer fetish, or my photography, I do apologize. I'll get back to RV and traveling info when we get back on the road.

But for now, I really am in Computerland.

And once again into photography.

Boy, do I love the new camera in my iPhone 4s. I decided to get out and take a short walk around the neighborhood with the idea of seeing what I could shoot with the phone.

I didn't even make it out the door,
before this pattern caught my eye.

That's what I see every day, but today,
something about the shapes and patterns
appealed to me.
I backed up just a bit and got this shot.
I love the Cheshire Cat,
he's one of the first things we bought
when we got Cholula Red.

As I stepped out into the street,
I met up with these guys.
They seem to have the run
of the neighborhood!

As you can tell, we're somewhat rural.
We have a huge wisteria
with lots of twists and turns.

And moss.
I like the way this new camera
handles light.

Finally, I went in the house
to run a few tests on the macro capability
of the iPhone 4s.
This piece stands just a bit over an inch tall.

This is SOOC, except for resizing.
Pardon my feet.
And my purple toenail polish.

After just a bit of cleaning up,
it gives entirely serviceable results.

As always, if you're interested,
make sure to click on any image
and you can see much more detail.

I really do think I'll be using this camera a lot.
I'm not ready to give up my Canon,
but this will surely do in many situations.

And it weighs almost nothing!


Donna K said...

Oh I LIKE cameras that weigh almost nothing! Looks like you're getting some good quality pictures...and having fun doing it.

Have you given any thought to homemade chicken soup lately?

Jerry and Suzy said...

I gotta admit, that camera does take good sharp pictures! Your first picture shows that you have a good photographer's eye and awareness when you go looking for pictures! And it is true that you don't have to go miles away to find a great picture -- there's one right at your doorstep!

Gypsy Boho said...

I think you are single-handedly convincing me that I must have one of those phones.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I get it! I am trying to break the computer addition and spend more time on the photo addiction :)