Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Preparing (and a Panorama)

Just a short post today as I'm getting ready to get up early and head to LA tomorrow. As always, I'm disorganized, but excited.

And still playing with the iPhone.

I found a program called AutoStitch that allows you to take up to twenty pictures, then it stitches them all together in to a panorama. While I'm able to do this on the computer, it's pretty snazzy that the tiny iPhone does it in a short minute or two.

I need some more practice as it's not as clean as I would like. I believe this is a function of my shooting the same image several times. I think the software isn't able to line things up perfectly when all the shots aren't quite the same (white balance , etc.).

Still for not knowing what I'm doing, I'm pleased with the results. And I'm sure with practice I'll get better. Over the years, several people have asked for pictures of the bedroom in the Lazy Daze 30 foot twin (it's the least sold model) so I thought this would be a good place to start.

Now remember, this isn't clean and sharp, but I did it with an iPhone and it required nothing of me beyond the initial snapshots. You really do need to enlarge this to see the detail (fuzzy as it is).

All in all, I think it's a good start. I'm questioning whether I should bring my Canon along when I go to Disneyland, or should I just take the iPhone? I already have thousands of shots of the park, so I'm leaning towards the phone for convenience sake.

I just can't decide.

Either way, I'll be posting some pictures of the trip. I may try posting some to Facebook. I'm not very active on there, but the phone connects immediately, so I may put some shots up there first, then post better images here at a later date.

I'm getting excited about my little trip, so I'll close now. I still have a ton of last minute things to attend to. I want be ready bright and early tomorrow morning when my friend Misty comes to whisk me away to lala land!


Donna K said...

Cool beans! If you post some on FB send me a friend request. Have LOTS of fun on your trip. Tell Mickey "hi" for me!

Gypsy Boho said...

AutoStitch sounds like an app I want to try.

Have fun on your trip.

photowannabe said...

Hope you are having a great time. Its been a long time since you were there.
Enjoy because Life is Good,

Levonne said...

Life is good! Those iphones are incredible. I love what you can do with them. That a fantastic picture of inside of your rig. It really tells what is is like. Good job. Have fun in L.A. and at Disneyland.