Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Feet and Tiny Planet

There I was, shopping at Costco
when I saw these adorable baby feet.

Of course, I asked permission
before whipping out my new iPhone
and taking these shots.

I then proceeded to have a delightful conversation with her Mother. She asked why I wanted to take shots of her baby's feet. I explained that I've always loved baby's feet. They're sweet and soft, and so very pure. She agreed, then shared the fact that she also was a photographer, so no explanation was necessary.

Just one of those chance encounters that brightens so many of my days.


Now onto other things,
like those wonderful iPhone apps.
This one is called Tiny Planet.

You open the app,
choose your photo,
then it does this!

It works best on photos
with a clear horizon
and clean, sharp photographic elements.

Monument Valley via Tiny Planet.

I'm still having too much fun . . .

In just two days, I'm off to Los Angeles.
I'll unload some Disney,
and visit old friends.
Friday, we'll have lunch at Club 33
and spend the rest of the day at Disneyland.

Should be fun.


Donna K said...

You are sure having a good time with that new device. Love those baby feet!

DISNEYLAND - I'm so jealous! Have a fantastic time.

Lorna... said...

How do they *do* that? Is there a "Tiny Planet" app for computers (iPhoto)? I want one!

Kate said...


As near as I know, it's just for the iphone.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

A very neat App!

Angie said...

My cell phone usually needs charged and I'm lucky if I even know where it is, but I am very intrigued by many of the apps I am hearing about for the new iPhone as well as the camera. Guess it would be kind of silly to buy a phone and the service to go with it just for the apps and the camera. :~)

Have fun on your trip south.