Thursday, October 27, 2011


I loved the parade, but unfortunately, we weren't in the best spot for photography. That said, I did get some shots of the performers.

I have to say, these people are the best. Dancing, smiling, wearing heavy costumes, and keeping it up all along the parade route. And it was hot!

So on with the parade.


I loved this dress.
what fun would it be to twirl in this?

A bit of detail from one of the floats.

Talk about colorful!

I loved this shrimp.

This colorful costume
is based on the colors Mary Blair
used in many of her
South American paintings.

The Arucuan Bird,
again from South America.

I love this detail,
it was some twenty feet up in the air.

More costuming.

Dancers from the Lion King.

This is Evinrude.
Snuck in from the Rescuers.

Butterfly Woman.

Here come
the Mary Poppins Chimney Sweeps.

And Mary herself.
Is this carousel horse something?
It goes up and down,
just like it should.

And here's my favorite float in the parade.
I believe he's the Master of the Hounds.
He's based on one of Kevin's
incredible paper sculptures.

And those are all the pictures
I took of the parade!


Jim and Sandie said...

Love all the colors. A feast for the eyes.

Nancy said...

Love the pictures of Disneyland and especially all the colors in the parade. Makes me want to go there, but at $80 for admission, it's not likely to happen any time soon. You know, it wasn't THAT long ago (15 years?) I bought annual passes for me and the kids at about $89 each, with not too many days blacked out. Those were the days, I guess...

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great pictures! Almost better than being there in the crowds.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Not a thing wrong with those pictures -- nice and sharp, great color. We like how you zoomed in to get the tiny details like the shrimp. Good trick to remember at some future parade.

Gypsy Boho said...

I just love that carousel horse. Great shots.

Merikay said...

Great clear pictures. Taking the details makes you see so many special things that would otherwise blur.

Donna K said...

Nothing like a Disney parade. I loved all the pictures but my favorite has to be the South American Dancers. Oh, those wonderful ruffled skirts...and the COLORS!! Just beautiful.