Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Santa Clara Mission Cemetary

The other day, we found ourselves over in San Jose. Keep in mind that I was raised in that area, spent the first eighteen years of my life there.

Still, things have changed, and even using a GPS, we managed to get ourselves lost. So there we were, knowing sort of where we were, but in totally unknown territory.

All of a sudden we saw this huge cemetery.
Barely two miles from where I grew up,
I've never heard of it before.

There's always something new.

Regular readers know
we can rarely pass up the opportunity
to take pictures when we find
such as treasure.
Today was no exception.

A close up,
with a bit of manipulation.

It turns out that this is the
Santa Clara Mission Cemetery,
one of the oldest cemeteries
in the Santa Clara Valley.

Who knew?
Certainly not me.

there has been some vandalism.

Look closely here.
Someone has broken off her hand.

while there was a great array
of beautiful old statuary,
someone has gone through
and caused a great amount of damage.

But I refuse to take pictures of this,
it's just too heartbreaking.

I think she looks sad.
Lovely, but sad.

There were also lots of flowers.

This shot gives you an idea
of the different kinds of monuments.

But it's the details that I love.

This piece is life sized.
What a superb work of art.

More detail,
I love the hands

There are many mausoleums,
but I only had my telescopic lens with me.

This was the widest shot I could get
and I was a long ways away . . .

This place is so huge,
we both decided we might go back another day.
And next time I'll bring a wider lens!

Here's one more shot,
taken while Terry was driving.
This used to be a high school
(my sister attended school there).
Next time we're over in the valley,
I might go there and get more pictures
of the beautiful tile work.

Gosh, I'm so scattered with my blogging.
I go for days, sometimes weeks,
with nothing.
Then here I am with all these pictures!

I guess that's just how it goes . . .


Donna K said...

Loved the pictures. The monuments are just spectacular. Why anyone would want to harm them is beyond understanding. What a lucky find for you and Terry.

Russ Krecklow said...

Kate, love those pictures. You're right, those represent some really great artistic work. You don't see things like that any more. I can imagine they were expensive back then, and even more so now.

Thanks for sharing.

Levonne said...

Kate, Love your pictures. You're quite the photographer! Thanks.

Jim and Sandie said...

What gorgeous art work. Like Donna said, why people (probably kids) want to destroy them is beyond understanding. The weather is going to determine where we head next. Since they're talking snow up towards Bryce. Glad I found your blog.

Unknown said...

Great photos Kate and the little comments that go along with them. Those of us who are not retired and can not travel as much as our retiree friends, live vicariously through their posts and travels.

Gary Jacobsen

PS You met my wife Karen and I at the last Morro Bay GTG.