Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just a Few Shots

The other day I went to pull down one of our shades, and the string broke.

Oh no!

I've read many times what a huge pain it is to restring the blinds in a motorhome, but what were we to do?

I went online, found instructions, then decided the best place to start was with a restringing kit. They have them at Camping World, but gosh, they want $11.00 to ship this tiny package of hardware and strings! Since there's a Camping World about a scenic hours drive away, we decided a little car trip was in order, so off we went.

Not too much to say about these.

All were taken from a moving car.

I was kind of excited to get this shot.
We were driving one way,
he was flying the other . . .

I snapped this in the window of a school.
I thought about stopping,
as I really liked the reflections
in the windows,
but we kept going.

The sun was setting.

And soon it was dark.
I wish I had gotten the moon a bit sharper.

That's it for today.


Jim and Gayle said...

Will be anxious to hear how your restringing goes. We haven't had that happen yet but know it's just a matter of time.

Gaelyn said...

Interested in hearing how the restringing job went. I have a shade that looks like it's ready to go. Already have the kit thanks to the previous owners.

Pretty drive.