Monday, January 30, 2012

Whine, Bitch and Moan

I do believe that I have the plague.

Is it that we quickly forget
how bad our last bout of the flu/cold felt,
convincing us that we have never,
in our entire life felt so crappy?

I'm now on day five and every day seems to get worse.

And what is it with all this water
that keeps falling from my nose?

Isn't an achy body,
sore throat,
throbbing headaches
and sinuses that feel 7 times their regular size

I don't really intend to go on,
I just needed to vent a bit.

And show you what I'm seeing these days.

That's my bed.
Note that there is one
completely empty box of Kleenex,
sitting next to box number two,
which at this rate,
will be empty by tonight . . .

Here's hoping none of you get whatever this is.

I'm including my regular sign off,
even though for right now,
life is not so good.


trav4adventures said...

Do you take zinc? My doctor recommended that I take it (I'm a teacher) and whenever I feel that achy feeling coming on, I take zinc and so far...knock on wood...I haven't been sick for more than 1 day at a time. The kids at school have some kind of stomach virus...ugh! One of them sneezed on me TWICE last week and Saturday I had that achy feeling, so I stayed in my pajamas all day, took 3 naps, took my zinc, and slept 12 hours! Sunday, I was fine! And, believe me, I had bronchitis 4x last year and one year I had pneumonia TWICE in one school year!!!!

Kate said...

No, I don't take zinc, but I will have Terry pick some up. Thanks for the recommendation.

Russ Krecklow said...

Buy bigger boxes!!! Maybe Costco would deliver in bulk!!! I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, Kate, you know how I am sometimes. Really do feel sorry for you feeling so rotten. Do try zinc, it has helped me in the past, I know.

Merikay said...

Stay home and be kind to yourself. This to will pass! They say treat a cold and it will be gone in a week. Do nothing and it will be gone in a week! You are almost there.

Donna K said...

I'm wiping my screen with Lysol right now...I don't want it.

Just kidding Kate. I'm really sorry you are feeling so poorly. I second the zinc and also get some echinacea. Try some steam to relive the sinus pressure. If you don't have a vaporizer, put some Vicks in a bowl of very hot water and lean over it with a towel over your head (like a tent). Breathe in the vapors and it might help with the sinus problem. Take care my dear.

Gaelyn said...

How quickly we forget.

Sending chicken soup your way.

photowannabe said...

OOooo so sorry Kate.
Hope you can sleep tonight and feel better. You've had the crud for too long.
Thanks for the Anniversary wishes. Its hard to believe its 48 years.
(((hugs))) from afar.

Big Matt said...

I've been taking a Beta Glucan immune booster supplement that my neighbor gave me, it seemed to help stop the cold from getting worse and so far has kept me from getting another, so it's a definite regular in my daily vitamin regiment.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

My doc said zinc and lots vitamin C! Feel better soon!

Boopster said...

Do hope you are feeling better by now. Zinc is definitely a good idea. WalMart has good prices on it. Also, (old RN talking here) hand washing is the first line of defense against disease!!! ANY TIME you shake hands with anyone, wash your hands at the first opportunity after that, and especially before you touch your face, use your hands to handle food or eat. OK, end of rant. We had an acquaintance who "bumped elbows" instead of shaking hands. He claimed he had not been sick in years. Of course, he also drank moonshine (yes, really!!) out of mason jars!! Very funny guy....