Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Drive Through New Mexico

I'm aware that I ramble on and on about the beauty of New Mexico, but I just can't seem to help myself.

It is that astounding.

Today we decided to take a drive
to Los Alamos

It was one of those days,
brilliantly blue skies.

White puffy clouds
that seem to go on forever,
with vistas to match.

Then there's the red rocks.

And the sweeping Rio Grand Valley.

I guess it's the lure of the road
that gets me.

And the way the clouds and sun
paint pictures on the earth.

The rock formations
are a constant surprise.
This looks like a group of Romans
clothed in togas.
What do you see?

One final shot,
I love this old Kodachrome look.

you can click on any image
to see a larger version.

Tomorrow, pictures of Los Alamos.


Paula said...

You definitely have found your spiritual home. Much love, p.

SM said...

I wish I'd known you were heading up there - it's my hometown & I could have given you some suggestions for what to see & do.

1. Stop at Chili Works for a breakfast burrito (I usually get the super with green chile - it's ham, bacon, sausage, chorizo, egg, hash browns, cheese & chile). You can find it right next door to the Sonic on Trinity.

2. Overlook in White Rock - great vistas & some great picture taking opportunities.

3. The ski hill (Camp May, I think it's called is right past that - great picnic & hiking area).

4. Drive up into the Jemez (you've probably done that before)

5. Bandelier

6. Bradbury Science Museum

7. Los Alamos Historical Museum

8. Fuller Lodge

gosh, what else. #1 is my favorite though. :)

Hope you had a good time.

Joe and Tracey said...

Fantastic photos, Kate! I can't wait to get back out west. If I come near Santa Fe, I'll be glad to stop and see you and Terry.

- Joe