Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Los Alamos

So there we were in Los Alamos, home of so many amazing people over the years. We've wanted to come here ever since we visited the Trinity site years ago, and finally we made it.

We visited the Bradbury Science Museum, a fine place to spend an afternoon. We came out of the Museum to find that the usual afternoon monsoon had arrived, giving everything a gentle bath and making the air smell clean and sweet.

The monsoons
are something to experience.
They come,
it rains, often pours for a while,
then the skies look like this.

After the museum,
we visited Fuller Lodge,
a lovely old structure
that once housed a boys school.

They say all the logs were hand picked
by the builders.
The patina of the wood
gives the interior a lovely glow.

They also have various
artifacts on display.

I really liked this concho belt.

Usually, they're made of shell or silver.
This is the first one
I've seen made of ceramic.
It was quite beautiful.

There's also a small history museum.
I don't know
what fascinated me so much
about this shot,
but I like it a lot.

As always, you can click to enlarge.

In back of the museum,
there's a rose garden.

Other flowers are scattered
around the grounds.

But I loved the roses
with just a touch of rain
the very best.

If you come to the area,
I would definitely
put a day in Los Alamos
on your to do list.


photowannabe said...

Fascinating places you visit. Pretty raindrop roses.
The rain is a little like Hawaii. Its clear, then it pours, then its gorgeous and warm again.
I always enjoy your jaunts around NM.

Aeagles said...

I think the shot you said you don't know why you like is mysterious and not clearly "something" like the flower. To me it's very interesting in it's mystery.

Andrea E

BogWoman said...

Greetings from Tulsa!
Bill and I visited Los Alamos the last week in July and went through the museum as well. Fascinating.
We had stopped in at Ghost Ranch but, alas, you were not the hosts.

Kate said...

Sorry we missed you at the Ranch, we decided against going there this year, but spent the summer in Santa Fe.

Maybe we'll see you next year?