Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Finally, Some Pictures

Today we took an afternoon trip to Santa Fe's Museum Hill and I decided it was time to get the trusty Canon 7D out of mothballs. I'm embarrassed to say I can hardly remember how to use it! That said, I carted it around all afternoon and got a few shots.

It was a lovely afternoon,
in the high 70s with just a hint
of a breeze
to keep us comfortable.

This fellow stands in the Plaza outside
the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture.
This photo really doesn't do him justice,
but it's the best shot I got.

The detail on this bronze
is quite impressive.
I loved the bells and quill fringe.

I'm endlessly fascinated
with the shapes here in Santa Fe.

Until just a few years ago,
there was an ordinance in place
that all new buildings in Santa Fe
had to be built in the Spanish adobe style.
Since the law was changed,
the look of the city is slowly evolving
into something else.

I find the old look quite beautiful
and wish they had never
changed the requirements.

Outside of
the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
is a small sculpture garden.

This was my favorite piece .

I particularly liked the metal pieces on the wall.

Here's a closeup.
If you like,
you can click on the image
to see a larger version.

Another fine sculpture,
complimented by
lovely summer flowers.

I couldn't resist the look
of the New Mexico skies
surrounding and peeking through
this piece.

The gift shop at
the Folk Art Museum
was overflowing
with beautiful pieces
from all over the world.

Of course I was attracted
to these beaded animals.

I was also taken with this piece.
I couldn't quite unravel the storyline,
but it seemed vaguely Biblical to me.
Perhaps the Garden of Eden?

This is the piece I would have bought . . .

And look who I found
wandering around the Gift Shop!

He doesn't look incredibly happy,
but he assured me he was having
a great time.

I think he's kind of cute.

As always,


photowannabe said...

Beautiful pictures and I love the picture of Terry. He looks like a prospector.

Jonna said...

Yes, that last one is quite cute even scowling.