Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Checking In

Just a quick note.

We've been steadily working in the house, so there isn't a lot of news to report. We did finally get someone to take the giant bed, so that freed up a lot of space. We also got rid of an old couch that took up a ton of space in the garage, so it at least feels like we're making some progress.

The auction has found a new location (a huge improvement) but that means that for a week or so, they wont be taking any lots for sale. Since we now have more than they'll take when they finally reopen, we're on hold for a couple of days.

While it's a bit frustrating, it's also kind of serendipitous, since we have fellow Lazy Daze friends visiting right now. It's so wonderful to slip back into that RVing mode, I didn't realize how much I missed it. Our regular friends are wonderful, but there's just something special about those that RV. Since the auction is on hold for a couple of days, we'll play tourist and maybe get some pictures to share with you.

One bit of news, my second cataract surgery is scheduled for March 17, I'm really excited as my one eye is doing so well. I sure don't miss my gasses, but a little clearer vision will be nice.

I'm also enjoying the Literati, I'll have more to share about that in a day or two, as well as a comparison between it and the Kindle. Right now, my advice is if you can find a Literati at the $40 (or $32 with the discount) you might want to jump on it, they seem to be selling out quickly all around the country.

I wish there was more to report, but that's about it!


Donna K said...

Been wondering if all was well with you. Your blog firends worry when we don't hear LOL! Glad you're still making progress on the house. My local BB&B was out of Literatis so I missed out on that. Going to download a program called Calibre and see if that works. It's suppossed to translate Amazon files into pdf or epub files...we'll see.

photowannabe said...

Have fun with your friends. Its always nice to take a little break. Hope you can get back into the auction scene soon. We will be bring some things of yours down then. We have it ready to go to you when you are ready to take it.
Glad you have the date for your second surgery. There'll be a brand new Kate after that.
Talk to you soon.