Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just a Few Shots

Today we took another load to the auction. This week will be their first auction at the new site. It should be kind of cool, but we won't have a whole lot in this one.

I know I say this a lot, but I really can't believe how much stuff we have. I've been busy finding art. Oil paintings, watercolors, pen and ink, photography, woodcuts, lithographs, engravings, the list goes on and on. Right now, I'm just lining them up, but I'll probably take some photos before we take them away.

And the Disney. It is everywhere! I must have at least a dozen sets of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, some really beautiful, others not so much.

It's always bothered me
that the Dwarfs are
fairly easy to portray.

But, boy howdy,
there's some really bad
Snow Whites out there.

And this is one of them.

This really isn't one of the better sets, but I found it hiding under my coffee table, so it had to be moved. One thing can be said of it, it's pretty big! Snow White is probably a full nine inches tall. I thought I'd snap a picture before it goes in to the big wrapped up box pile.

Speaking of the wrapped up pile, I found a gigantic box of old Disney shirts. Ranging in size from medium to one size fits all, several of them are brand new, and most of them worn maybe once. Some have sequins, there's at least one Hawaiian and just a huge assortment. Anyone want them? I kind of hate to just dump them at the Goodwill, but I guess that's the best thing to do with them.

I've also taken a few shots while we were out and about. I have to admit that I do love the ocean here, but I so miss the blue of the southwestern skies . . . It's a toss up, but we'll always be able to visit.

This is a small park
down by the Santa Cruz Wharf.

Same park,
from another angle.

Doesn't this look idyllic?
Well, it was.
But remember,
it was in the middle of the week
in the middle of the winter.

This stands right behind the park,
and while scenic,
it gives you a better idea
of the commercialization of the area.

I'm getting excited about our trip to Morro Bay in a couple of weeks. It'll be great to once again be with a bunch of Rvers. Maybe looking out my window and seeing a brand new view will inspire us to work a bit faster?


Ellen said...

Hi Kate!
Looks like you are busy busy... Bet you will be glad to get on the road again though... I know I would:)

Donna K said...

Save the Disney shirts...I'll have a look. My kids and grands are HUGE Disney fans. Looks like we'll be there on Saturday...good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise!!

Russ Krecklow said...

You might be able to look out your window in a few days and see a brand new Lazy Daze. Don't get your hopes up, it's just Therapy!
Looking forward to seeing you and Terry soon.