Saturday, February 19, 2011

Much Less Blah . . .

Well, I can't say that my morning funk is completely gone, but I do feel better.

The transformation began when I spent some time with a friend this afternoon.

After a while I re-realized how very happy I am not to have to get up every day and go to work at job I don't love. And working with people not of my choice, who I may or may not get along with. And having my time not be my own.

I guess sometimes I forget to count my blessings.

In musing this over, other thoughts keep popping into my mind.

A lot of our local friends ask how we can stand to live like we do, expressing disbelief that we could be happy living in such a small space with no "home base".

Then I listen to them talk about how much everything here has changed. How it bears no resemblance to the place they thought they wanted to live. How crowded it is, how expensive, how the social climate has changed.

When this comes up, I ask them if they've ever considered leaving? Almost to a person, they express surprise and say of course they'd never leave, this is their home, they love it here!

Am I the only one who is hearing mixed messages here?

What happens to so many of us as we age? Are we afraid to try new things? Do we become so comfortable (even when we're not really happy with our circumstances) that we no longer see that we have options? Do we lose our sense of wonder?

Or are those of us
who choose the nomad lifestyle different?

Not better,
not worse,
but just different?

I have to wonder.

And be happy
that we've made the choices we have.

I'll be very happy when we leave,
my spirit is feeling renewed.


-Heidi said...

A truly wonderful post; I couldn't agree more!

Donna aka Froggi said...

I do believe a lot of people "settle" for the familiar rather than chance disappoint of the unknown.

I did this for many years and at age 50 tried to take a different approach. What was the worst case scenario...usually it wasn't anything near as dire as it could be, so why not try it?

I continue to do this and will continue to try to savor every day to its fullest!

Terria Fleming said...

A lot of young people are afraid to change their circumstances too, and frequently settle for what they have rather than risking anything.
Beautiful post!

Donna K said...

Preach it, Sista!!! I will always remember my dad always wishing that he could take one more trip...and yet that one more trip never happened. It's sometimes hard to break with tradition but why not live our dreams while we are able? Great post.

photowannabe said...

I'm so glad you are happy kate. Its not my life style but it fits you perfectly.
Our moving was a change, a challenge and the very best thing we ever did.
We definitely love being our own bosses and living our lives to the fullest, So....we are different but just the same.
Finish your work as quickly as possible and return to the life you love.
Be happy---friend.

B said...


"YOU GET WHAT YOU SETTLE FOR", Susan Sarandon from Thelma & Louise.