Sunday, May 8, 2011

This and That

Just a few thoughts today

After my recent cataract surgery, I needed new glasses. While my vision is vastly improved, I find I need them for that extra sharp vision we all wish for. I also need them to read subtitles on TV. I don't have to wear them for everything, but I want to have them for when I feel they're necessary.

As I've written before, I get my glasses from Zenni Optical, so that's where I went, and again, I'm quite pleased.

I got a pair of clear glasses ($65) and a pair of polarized sunglasses ($75). I've never had polarized prescription glasses before and wow, are they ever sharp.

It got me to wondering, do you think they make polarized contact lenses? Or could the lenses they implanted after my cataract surgery have been polarized? I sure do like the look.

They've made such a difference in my vision that I decided to investigate a circular polarizing filter for my camera. I've never used one before, so we took it out to the seashore today.

I know that most photographers already know about polarizing filters, but it surely was a revelation to me. It completely removed the haze and glare of the seashore and made the colors completely pop.

This cliff was so beautiful,
I had to include two pictures.

We also noted that almost every house
along the oceanfront
is ridiculously huge.
Why do you think that is?
Still, I really liked this gate.


Recently we found a set of George Carlin DVDs at the library, so we checked them out. Wow, what a trip back in time.

My favorite rant of his has to do with stuff.

He starts out talking about how your house is just a place to keep your stuff. A big pile of stuff with a cover on it. Then he goes on to tackle storage facilities, where, as he says, we pay someone else to watch our stuff.

Gee, do you think this hit close to home or what?


Just a couple more pictures.

I watched this bird for the longest time.
He never let go of whatever it is
that he had in his mouth.
Cheap entertainment is the best!


It was a lovely day, but quite windy at the beach. Did I mention that I cut all my hair off? It's been so much trouble working on the house with my hair in my eyes. Finally, I decided that in honor of summer, it had to go. While I was in the chair, I noticed Terry had slipped into another one, so now we are both cropheads!

It sure was nice at the windy beach
to not have to deal with all that hair!


Russ Krecklow said...

Turn that camera on yourself and Terry. We want photos of the new look. You're not going to dye your hair purple or anything like that now, are you?

Linda said...


How about posting a picture of the two of you with your new haircuts??

Linda & Mando

Linda said...


How about posting a picture of the two of you with your new haircuts?