Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Day in the City

A day in San Francisco,
made even better
by darn near perfect weather.

A visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum.
Good thing I'm not still collecting,
these would have come home with me.

The lecture hall,
the old gymnasium at the Presidio.

I love the windows in this building.

When we left, we saw this fellow
and his ten charges.
All perfectly behaved,
what a bunch of swell pups.

I can't seem to take enough pictures
of this bridge.

To me,
it's the most graceful span
I've ever seen.

As you drive around the city,
parts of it pop up
wherever you look.

A different view.

Looking across the bay.

Again, my bridge.

A panorama,
(I love my iPhone).
Best viewed at a larger size.

Truly, perfect day.


Jim and Sandie said...

That is a beautiful bridge. I've only been over it once and that was back in the 70's. Not even sure I have any pictures of it anymore.

Gaelyn said...

SF is the prettiest city in America. Small, clean and lots of interesting sights. One of them the bridge.

Gypsy Boho said...

San Francisco is my favorite city in the world. Love all your photos but especially the one showing waves rolling in under the bridge. WOW!

The Good Luck Duck said...

San Francisco is the most beautiful city I've ever seen. Toronto is my favorite for sentimental reasons, but SF has got the goods.

The Good Luck Duck

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Very nice pictures of the bay area. I never really thought of the bridge as peaceful with all that traffic:) I am betting the picture with the white bldgs and red roofs might be a Coast Guard Station.

Donna K said...

Cannot believe someone can walk all those dogs and not get an tangled up lol!! Great shots of the city and especially love the last pano shot.

Rubye Jack said...

I used to live in Sausalito and would take the bus into work. I never grew accustomed to the majesty of this view from the Headlands and across the bridge. I don't think anyone ever takes it for granted.

Carol K said...

Great pictures today, Kate! You captured the Golden Gate Bridge perfectly. I especially like the one with the buildings in front (are those the Presidio Fort buildings?)and the bridge peeking out behind the buildings.