Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The internet is an amazing thing.

In researching family history, we've recently discovered that my Terry and Russ (of Russ and Donna fame) are actually twin brothers who were separated at birth.

After making this miraculous discovery, we spent a btt of time together. Watching the long lost brothers get to know each other was a wonderful thing.

While looking at old family photos , we found that both had followed a similar path

At one time,
both have worked the carny circuit
as Swami fortunetellers

falling under the spell of a some bad varmints,
they both suffered a short stint in the pokey.

But you know what?
Good genes will out.
Once their debt to society was paid,
they both went on to become
respectable members of their communities.

Then one day,
I got a call from someone
who had visited my website,
asking about our 30 foot twin Lazy Daze.
We talked for a spell,
then I spoke with his wife a while.
I remember telling Terry
how much I liked them
and how I hoped they would get a Lazy Daze
and maybe we would keep in touch.

And they did.
And we did.
And the rest is history.

Ain't the internet grand?


Donna K said...

You are just too funny for words!! Russ thought the french fry was a cigar!! Okay, where's the one where you and Terry were dating- you know the one, you in the bathing suit and he with the six pack?!?!

Russ Krecklow said...

It's amazing how much we look alike! Is that a french fry in my mouth? Donna must have given you some photos to work with huh? Can't trust her any more than I can you!!!!

Gaelyn said...

LOL!!! You are Good!

Certainly had me going for at least a few seconds.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Now that's funny - I don't care who you are! But, especially if you're Russ and Terry.

The Good Luck Duck

Merikay said...

A good laugh!

Jean and Skip said...

Too funny, you're relly good.