Monday, February 6, 2012

La Luna

Boy, whatever this thing is, it sure is hanging on. And now Terry is starting in. Everyone says that if he takes zinc, it will stop it from getting so bad.

I sure hope it works.

Just at dusk this evening, the clouds moved in over the full moon. In just a matter of minutes, I took about fifty shots. Unfortunately, my tripod wasn't available (I'm not quite well enough to go go digging in the house), so they aren't as sharp as I would like.

In fact, since so many of them are blurry, I decided to go with that soft dreamy look.

Not very clear,
but if you look closely,
you can see just a bit of the moon
peeking in from the left side.
I've dreamt scenes like this.
(Once again, these all look better at full resolution)

This one looks like you could use 3D glasses
to bring it in to focus.
I tried, but it isn't 3D,
just shaky.

Again, not too clear . . .

The sky was a weird color
(it started raining after the clouds finally arrived
en masse).

Here, I changed the color more to my taste.

I was having trouble focusing,

so I changed the color once again.

I'm sure tired of being cooped up in this rig. That said, I tried going out today and after ten minutes was completely wiped. Even though I'm feeling better, I'm beginning to wonder how long before life returns to normal.


Teri said...

I have always used zinc and "Zicam" products and they work. I carry some Zicam with me every time I travel, "just in case". And try Celestial Seasoning "Wellness Tea".

Gaelyn said...

Hang in there, I'm sure you'll be back to good soon.

Nice effects on the moon shots.

photowannabe said...

Sure hope the bug goes south for you soon. I know you are getting stir-crazy but don't over do and get a relapse.
Hope Terry can nip the thing in the bud.

Wayne and Maureen said...

What kind of camera do you have?
The camera has a wide range. Feel better soon