Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Want to go to France!

As regular readers know, I've been busy trying to clean up a virus/spyware mess on my website (not here) but I did run across something today that I wanted to share.

Usually, I am a pretty happy person, and while I'd love to go to Bali or Spain, I'm quite aware of what a wonderful life I have.

But today I saw something that made me want to go to France.

They are called the Machines de L’île and they are unlike anything I've ever seen.

Imagined and created by two gentlemen named François Delarozière and Pierre Oreficee, these are creations that inspire in a way I can't describe. Think a combination of Jules Verne and Michelangelo with a bit of of George Lucas thrown in and you MIGHT begin to get a feel for these beauties.

While I could try to describe them, I think (since I'm a bit tired) that I'll just point you to their amazing website and you can see them for yourself.

And if you ever get to go see them in person, think of me (or take me with you).

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