Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ghost Ranch


Today we arrived at Ghost Ranch, where we'll be camp hosting for the next couple of months.

My God, what country this is, I am awestruck.

While I'll have a lot to tell you about in the coming weeks, right now, I just want to share a couple of photos I took today.

For starters, there's the sky. While New Mexico is right at the top for wide open, eye popping skies, this takes things to a whole other level.

The vistas are so open, every point of the compass brings a completely different spectacle.

click on these
so you can see them
at a larger resolution.

There's been just enough rain lately
to turn the grass
this intense shade of emerald green.

The cliffs show every shade of red

And there are even hoodoos
(these tall chimney like structures
are called hoodoos)

While not in focus,
I liked the look of this one.

When we first visited Ghost Ranch,
this was a solid mountain.
Just recently, it started its' slow decline,
creating these four chimneys.
You can see the recent slag
at the base of the mountain.

Hopefully, these few photos will whet your appetite for more. I'll be posting not only more photos, but lots of information about Ghost Ranch in the coming months.

That said, here's just a small teaser. Do you like the artwork of Georgia O'Keeffe?

Ghost Ranch is where she spent a lot of time painting . . .

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photowannabe said...

You got my attention with the skies and Georgia O'Keefe. This place looks like heaven. Simply gorgeous.