Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a Bit More T or C

We are now ensconced at the Birdwatchers RV Park, where we'll spend the next week. In looking over my pictures, I have a few that didn't fit anywhere, so I thought I'd put them together into this one blog entry.

I loved these little yellow flowers.
They're scattered all over
the campground at Monticello
and were in full bloom when we left.

While not as colorful as the yellow flowers
these little straw blooms
have their own appeal.

I wasn't able to identify these trees,
but they're planted around the campground.
Sort of bamboo-ish,
they make a great foreground.

We attended the Annual
Truth or Consequences Fiesta Parade.
This is a pretty accurate representation
of the entire spectacle.

This door caught my eye.
It looks better when clicked and enlarged.

This sort of sums up the shopping situation
in downtown Truth or Consequences.
And they wonder why they don't
have more business???

I'll finish with the cactus bloom.

That's it for today!


Sistertex said...

Love that door!!!

photowannabe said...

Not such a booming town but that's the way small town parades are. My goodness the store hours are not very many. How do they expect to make a living?

Sistertex said...

BTW loved the photo of the festival as well. :) I'm looking forward to hearing (and seeing) more about the place.

M said...

Great photos...looks like somewhere I could go to relax...and shop for 6 hours a week!

Jan Marker said...

Kate - As always, great photos. You capture the essence of the places you visit. I think you said you are at Birdwatcher's RV Park now. Remember that is where we first met you - before we really met you at S. Monticello Pt.

Are you on your way to Ghost Ranch? I am looking forward to seeing your photos of that area.

It is getting very HOT here at Mid Valley - since you are just south of us, I hope you stay COOL.

Maybe we will come see you at Ghost Ranch during some of our wanderings this summer - might fly over you and wag our wings too. We are off to Monument Valley next weekend for a fly-in. I will try to get some photos to share.

Have a great adventure - whatever it is! And keep the photos coming!